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A popular series of books was written and published about what to expect during certain important life experiences. We at Middle West Movers believe moving deserves, at the very least, a short list.

Whether you need help packing, moving locally around Omaha, Nebraska, or long-distance, or just need help loading or unloading a container or rental truck, here are some things you should expect from your mover.

Before the move

Communication is very important. There should be a clear understanding of what is being moved and how the charges are calculated as well as what the responsibilities are for both the mover and the customer.

During the move, your mover should:

  • Be skilled and alert – In some parts of the world, movers are the most highly-esteemed skilled laborers because of the physical demands and mental awareness required to regularly handle hundreds of items safely in a day. At Middle West Movers, we understand fully how important the distinction is between a skilled mover and a  ‘lumper’.
  • Have a calm sense of urgency – When you are charged by the hour, which is normally the case for local moves, this is an important issue. A good mover operates slowly and carefully when his arms are full but quickly when they are empty.
  • Be polite, clean, and courteous – Chances are you will not be familiar with the crew that will be in your home or office. They should put effort into making you comfortable and at ease with their presence.
  • Be on time with the proper equipment – A lot of unseen effort and teamwork by our experienced and well-trained office staff and crew can go into ensuring that this takes place. This is a very important aspect of `full service,’ especially for Middle West Movers Omaha NE.

After the move

Planning well and having a good crew normally provides for positive results. However, there are occasionally problems, such as damage claims, and they need to be addressed after the move.  Problems should be handled quickly and professionally both within the guidelines of the Bill of Lading and an air of good faith and fairness.

We proudly serve all areas in Omaha, including areas in downtown, midtown, Ralston, Millard or Hanscomb, and Omaha suburbs, such as Papillion, Bellevue, Gretna, Council Bluffs or Bennington. Regardless of your location, you can count on our professional movers to provide superior and affordable moving service. Contact us today to discuss your moving needs!

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