Tips for Moving with Kids

When planning a move, homeowners are faced with a large list of to-dos. From hiring an experienced moving company, to mountains of paperwork, to packing – moving causes stress with insurmountable tasks. And, if kids are in tow, kids can feel stress, frustrated/sad, or boredom on moving of child in a moving box

Keeping kids occupied on moving day is critical to their behavior and to the efficiency of the day. If possible, it’s often better if kids spend moving day with trusted family or friends. But, if that is not a possibility, equipping children with their favorite snacks, toys, blankets, stuffed animals or movies can bring some normalcy and comfort to them during a stressful day. If kids are old enough to help, then giving them important jobs can help them feel helpful and included. Asking them to pack some of their special belongings and explaining to them it will be waiting for their arrival at a new home can help them understand the transition from one home to the other.

Having a sense of responsibility or something to do at the new home will go a long way in helping them get settled. Young kids can simply put away toys, while older kids can set up their new room. Even small responsibilities can engage them during a stressful time.

Moving is always easier when you’re trusting an experienced Omaha moving company to move your belongings. Homeowners have many other important tasks to tackle before, during and after a move – including taking care of the physical and emotional needs of their children.

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