Pro Tip

Tip # 1 Use extra tape on the bottom of heavy boxes, going with and across the flap joint. This is going to ensure the bottom does not fall out while moving creating a mess and slowing your move down.

Tip # 2 Are you moving to or from an Apartment/Townhouse/Loft or Storage unit? They often have codes or buzzers for entry and exit as well as guidelines to follow. A good idea is to give the movers a code to get in/out, or talk to a doorman or security officer about keeping the door open to make moving a smooth process.

Tip # 3 Make sure if you have items in a not so obvious place like a shed or attic space, that you show crew leader at beginning of move. Don’t be afraid to remind the crew leader after the half way point of the load.

Tip # 4 If your moving out of a self storage unit, make sure you have the key to it and that it works properly prior to the move. Locks exposed to weather can rust.

Tip # 5 Are you moving from or to the Omaha area and require service from OPPD?Below you will find the link to Start, Stop or transfer Service

Tip # 6  Keeping pets boarded with family or friends or crated during your move is the safest bet. Pets have feelings too and can become stressed with big changes and strangers coming in and out of their home. We also don’t want to take a chance and have them run out of the front door and getting hurt.

Tip # 7 Be sure to stretch before getting started packing or moving. You will be reaching, kneeling and lifting using muscles you may not be use to using therefore stretching prior to getting started will help alleviate being sore the next day.

Tip # 8 Why pay movers to move items you don’t want or need? recommends that you begin purging at least one month before your scheduled move. You can donate items and receive a deduction on your return as well as save money on your move all while donating to a good cause.

Tip # 9 Make sure outdoor furniture is not logged with water that could leak onto other items on the truck prior to movers getting there.

Tip # 10 If your moving out of a self storage unit, make sure you have the key to it and that it works properly prior to the move. Locks exposed to weather can rust or freeze up.

Tip # 11 Nebraska Movers are required to become licensed through the Nebraska Public Service commission and through that license the state makes sure companies carry the required coverage for your valuables. You can check yourself if a company is Licensed by clicking  the link below and searching for the company’s name and licensed number.



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Rachel Bowers

We hired them to come and unload our rental truck once we got here, and it was well worth the money! They were professional, efficient, and friendly. I would absolutely recommend their services and will use them again, should I have the need.