How to Best Prepare for Omaha Movers

taping up boxes for omaha movers to arriveMost people hire a moving company because they want a less stressful and trouble-free moving experience. A competent and trustworthy moving company, partnered with prepared and organized homeowners makes for just this kind of moving experience.

Our Omaha Movers are experienced, capable and efficient. And while we perform our duties with professionalism and precision, there are several important things homeowners can do before Middle West Movers in Omaha arrives.

Sort and Declutter. Purge your home of unnecessary things. Sell or donate items to reduce stress when packing, moving and unpacking.

Clean up. Not only does this include cleaning items that will be moved so they don’t stain or ruin other items; but also includes emptying and cleaning appliances (fridge, dishwasher), emptying drawers and bookshelves, draining fuel from mowers and other lawn maintenance appliances, and striping beds.

Pack small items. Keep small items from being lost by collecting them in sealable bags. Always have extra sealable bags on hand for extra screws!

Plan for pets and kids. Make arrangements for pets and children. Leaving them with a close friend or family member you trust will allow you to focus on the move, while also trusting your pets or children are in safe and fun hands.

Prepare to take care of your movers. If you’re happy with their work, please be sure to tip your movers.

Our Omaha moving company is here to help with every step of your move. From preparations to moving to unpacking, our experienced movers can advise on the smallest of details. Give us a call to find out the difference Middle West Movers can make in providing a less stressful move!

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Rachel Bowers

We hired them to come and unload our rental truck once we got here, and it was well worth the money! They were professional, efficient, and friendly. I would absolutely recommend their services and will use them again, should I have the need.