Middle West Movers

210 Hickory Street
Omaha, NE 68108

Cell: 402-917-5900

Office: 402-884-1919

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Latest Testimonial

Brian Martin

Middle West Movers is an excellent moving company! The coordinator on the phone was helpful, knowledgeable, and straightforward. The availability was great. The price was very reasonable and the movers were hard working and kind. We are very satisfied!!

The Spotlight

Message From the Owner of Middle West Movers in Omaha

As a collegiate wrestler at the University of Nebraska, I became familiar with the challenges of a very tough sport, of being in the spotlight, where success and failure are very obvious. Likewise, when you hire Middle West Movers, we are in the spotlight, where our experience, preparation, and resolve to excel become obvious on the day of your move. In this spotlight, our focus is, very simply, your satisfaction.

Rick Whitehead
Middle West Movers