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The Spotlight’

contact-imgAs a collegiate wrestler at the University of Nebraska, I became familiar with the challenges of a very tough sport, of being in the spotlight, where success and failure are very obvious. Likewise, moving is a tough business. When we show up to move you, we’re in the spotlight together, our success and value being measured by your level of satisfaction. This is service on a personal level.

Because the two main expenses for a local mover are labor and equipment, operating on a larger scale allows for neither lower rates or more personal service. Therefore, Middle West Movers will remain a modest, value-driven operation that keeps you in the spotlight.

Rick Whitehead
Middle West Movers

The Customer Care Specialist

I hired Megan originally to do some sorting and straightening up my office. I moved Furniture that day. When I came back, the office was not only neat and organized, but she handed me a stack of jobs she had booked and  my answering machine. (yes, it was a long time ago!) She said, “I don’t think you will be needing this anymore” referring to the machine. Needless to say her role has expanded.

Today she is the Operations Manager at Middle West Movers and continues to go above and beyond for each customer to help make your moving experience with Middle West Movers a good one.

Rick Whitehead
Middle West Movers

Ricky Bobby (Co-Founder)



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Latest Testimonial

J Ham

We hired Middle West Movers because Megan was so helpful on the phone and was willing to work with our change of schedule so easily.
She was never flustered with us for having to change apt complexes, date of move and time. I was out of town and could not help coordinate with my daughter. Megan assured me not to worry, it would go smoothly, and it did! The pricing was very fair and reasonable with 2 men and a large truck and my daughter said they worked very hard, handling heavy things carefully but quickly.