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contact-imgAs a collegiate wrestler at the University of Nebraska, I became familiar with the challenges of a very tough sport, of being in the spotlight, where success and failure are very obvious. Likewise, moving is a tough business. When we show up to move you, we’re in the spotlight together, our success and value being measured by your level of satisfaction. This is service on a personal level.

Because the two main expenses for a local mover are labor and equipment, operating on a larger scale allows for neither lower rates or more personal service. Therefore, Middle West Movers will remain a modest, value-driven operation that keeps you in the spotlight.

Rick Whitehead
Middle West Movers



Ricky Bobby (Co-Founder)



Middle West Movers

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Latest Testimonial

Sara Stoddard

These guys saved our butts! When another company no-showed on us, Middle West Movers swooped in with only 12 hours notice and busted hump for 2 long days to get our move finished! They were pleasant and hard-working and I’m shocked that they were available with such short notice but so grateful that they were! Rick and his crew were nothing short of fabulous!